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What Our Clients Say About Us (Testimonials)

“Thank you so much. I appreciate the great service you have been giving me. I'll let you know when the rugs can be delivered. This whole remodeling process is much worse than I ever could have imagined...dust everywhere, I'm so glad I sent the rugs out to you for cleaning. I'll have more to clean after the first of the new year. I'll either email you directly or call you. Thanks Gaytha.”

Patricia O'Neill

"The absolute best experience I have ever had with any rug cleaning company. I sent them two huge 10' x 8' rugs, damaged by a flood from the second floor bathroom. I was apprehensive to try them, because the last company I used destroyed a very expensive silk Persian, and refused to pay for it. Joe, the manager, invited me down to take a plant tour and meet the owner, Bill. They were both super nice guys and I could tell they were very proud of what they do. The plant was state of the art, and the crew was very professional. They even had a large repair room, where rugs were being refringed by hand. The best part is, my rugs look like it never happened. Thanks guys!!!"

Richard Diaz

"I am new to South Florida and I had these white wool rugs that my brother brought back from Turkey when he was on a military duty. Needless to say when I moved into my new place I wanted them to look new but my main concern was could they ever look nice again. My neighbor told me about oriental rug care so I brought my rugs there and I can say I am very happy I did. They look great front and back!"

Grant M

“So sorry that I didn't get back to you sooner. We cleaned these rugs right during a very hectic move, so I haven't had much chance to evaluate your service. We are, of course, extremely pleased with the service and look of our now beautiful rugs! They look new, as I remember them when we first purchased them. And your service, from everyone concerned, was great!
Thank you again for taking such good care of our precious rugs!”

Toby and Shelli Kaye

For More Details Call us : (305) 354-7677